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[28 Jul 2004|05:55pm]
Hey, I got a new journal everyone.. I deleted some people off my friends list because you don't comment very often, sorry. =/ Anyway, add me back please! _tasteoftears
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Subject. [27 Jul 2004|01:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Yo. Yep, just another boring day. Might go somewhere to look for clothes. I need clothes desperately. Especially since school is coming up.. a week and 5 days from today actually. Ahhhhh. Okay well I was bored..

10 Layered Survey Thing..Collapse )

I'll update later if anything worth posting happens.

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Hiiiiiii. [26 Jul 2004|09:46pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

Most of today was boring, as usual. From the morning to about 4:30 PM I was just a bored little girl hating her life until Kristen called and I asked if I could come over because I couldn't stand being bored anymore. I HATE boredom [as if you couldn't tell already.] So Chelsea was also over and we danced for awhile and I tried to give Chelsea a makeover but she doesn't like to wear eyeshadow; she only let me put the mascara on her. Trust me, if I looked good without make up, I wouldn't wear it.

A picture of Kristen, Chelsea and meCollapse )

That pic was from when we went to this 4th of July celebration in our community [yeah I know it looks crappy]. Twas very fun. Actually my community has it's own channel, it's 10 here, and we were on it... they made a slide show of the celebration and there was one of us watching the parade; my mom and brother were in it too, and then just us three walking somewhere during the party thing. Coolness. I love going places with my friends.

JOIN SO_STUNNING, A COMMUNITY THAT KNOWS THAT BEAUTY IS NOT JUST WHAT YOU SEE ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Lol, sorry I need to promote, we are in need of some new members. Okay, I'm gonna go now, Degrassi is coming on soon. Byeee. <3 Oh, has anyone seen A Cinderella Story yet? Is it any good?

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No Subject. [21 Jul 2004|02:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

A bunch of meme thingies..Collapse )

Well, today has been boring so far. Might go walk to the park with Kristen and Chelsea today like we always do. I'll update later if anything amusing happens. <3 JOIN SO_STUNNING!!! We need alot more members. =)

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Stupid computer.. [16 Jul 2004|03:25am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Hey guys, well my computer is acting up again. I guess we have more viruses or something. So I'm updating from my local libraries computer. I don't know when I will have the chance to update next it might be a while because last time it took a while to get fixed. =/ Anyway just wanted to let you know that I'm not dead, lol. =P <33333

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Friends only. [04 Jun 2004|11:00am]

Yup, you guessed it, Friends Only. Comment, and I might just add ya. <3
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